Must Try Hair Color Trends For Women Of The Philippines

Hairstyles are always in and hair colors are always trending. By coloring your hair, your hair gets an instant new look. Sometimes it is refreshing too as it adds a new unnatural and unusual shade to the color that you can flaunt in style. Hair color is the perfect way to add a bright color to your look even at home. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the salons are closed and also not recommended to visit even if some of them are opened in the present scenario. Therefore, you must try the following hair color trends, as suggested by the most popular hair styling product supplier in the Philippines.

Classy Brown Or Black

Hair Color - Lightness

A super-rich brown or simply black color is all about shine and style. This shade can never go wrong and makes a perfect look for both personal and professional endeavors.

Bold Look

Hair Color - Lightness

You can get the bold look by trying out some intense shades such as purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange, etc. alone or in multiple tones. Two-toned hair does not have to be half and half. It could be done in any proportion as per your preference.

Chunky Highlights

Hair Color - Lightness

Chunky highlights works best on curly hairstyles. For example, a darker root with blond or golden highlighted roots can never go wrong and creates a more effortless look. It can create magic trust us.

Dip-dye Ends

Hair Color - Lightness

This is one of the cooler versions to add a bright color to your look without having to dye the entire head. This works best on a short hairstyle as the ends look more appropriate and add a cute and magical shape at the ends.

Rich Orchard Red

Hair Color - Lightness

Red hair color has become quite popular already as it richens the entire appearance. This rich color will look amazing on women with warmer undertones as it will warm up the skin without washing out.


Hair Color - Lightness

The two-toned hair look is really in nowadays. It is quite adventurous to try this look out on your hair to stand out in the crowd and make a statement. This hair color look gives a lot of dimension and edge.

Beyond Blonde

Hair Color - Lightness

Go beyond blonde and try out neutral shades of grey, beige, pale vanilla, and similar. The shade draws attention to cheekbones and jawlines. Someone who has a sharp jawline or a cheekbone, do not shy away to try this variation.

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