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5 Trendy Hair Colours For You To Use On The Day Of Halloween 2020

Hair Color

Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is a festival to signify the end of all evils and the start of something good. Considering the year, we have all been through, many people are anticipating for this day. You need to prepare a lot of things like snacks, costume, decorations, etc. to celebrate this day. Another thing you can think about changing is the hair colour that would go well with your costume. If you have already chosen your costume, it won’t be that hard to choose your hair colour too. Lightness, a hair colour and oxidizer supplier in the Philippines, is going to give you several options to choose from the trendy hair colours.

Pitch Black

If your natural hair colour is not black, you can think of changing it to black. This colour suits the most during the celebration of Halloween. Whether you choose to become a vampire or a witch, black coloured hair is the most suitable. It can give off a spooky vibe if you wear everything black from head to toe.

Ghostly Silver

This is a very uncommon colour that also gives off Halloween vibes. If you want to dress up as ghosts or bride of Frankenstein, this colour is quite traditional for Halloween. Along with pale makeup and white dress, the hair colour combination of silvery white will go along with your costume perfectly. You might even end up scaring a few.

Bright Orange


Orange is probably the theme colour of Halloween that matches well with all those pumpkin lanterns and decorations. The orange colour with dark makeup and dark clothes will go well with your theme of Halloween. It will also look better if you have long hair and you colour your whole hair from the roots to tips.

Flaming Red


If you don’t like the colour Orange, you can try out this one. This is one of the best colours for Fall. With flaming red colour, you will not only be welcoming Halloween but also the new season of Fall.

Pastel Peach

If you are worried about going to work the very next day, then instead of going with silver or orange, this colour will be perfect for you. Although it is not the colour for Halloween, pastel peach will go well with your everyday life. Also if you want to be the festival fairy, this colour is perfect for you.

So, choose any of these trendy colours for Halloween and order them online from your hair colour and oxidizer supplier in the Philippines to colour your hair. Enjoy this day to your fullest.

Happy Halloween!!

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