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Is A Hot Oil Treatment Worth Your Attention And Time?

Greetings to all lovely women living in the Philippines! Haircare has always been of supreme importance among Filipino women. Women in Philippines are popular for their glossy and soft black hair. Filipino women pay a good amount of attention to their lustrous mane by giving them nutrition and the right style. Right styling requires right hair styling products which you can easily get from Lightness! 

Hot oil treatment has always fascinated several women in the Philippines. Nowadays, everyone is busy and we want more benefits with little efforts. Previously, we used to oil our hair and keep it overnight just to be washed another day but with the onset of hot oil treatment, you no longer need to do so as a hot oil gives you all its benefits in just 20-30 minutes of application because it penetrates deeper into your hair roots, giving you gorgeous and envious hair after wash. With a hot oil treatment, you save your time and money because you do not need to use a lot of product and since you wash it off just after thirty minutes you require less shampoo than ever. 

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what happens when you do a hot oil treatment.

Deep Moisturization


Hot oil will go deeper into your hair roots and shafts so that your hair gets the ultimate nourishment and becomes soft as silk. 

Healthy And Thick Hair


Hot oils have hair-friendly ingredients, like almond, coconut, olive, jojoba, and hibiscus. Do you know all these mentioned ingredients make your lovely hair thick and healthy! 

Almost No Split Ends


Split ends happen to almost all women. Some have few while others have a lot. One most common reason for split ends is inadequate nutrition. Give your hair the nutrition it needs by opting for hot oil treatment. 

Long Hair 


When your hair is healthy and moisturized, then it surely becomes long in a span of time! 

You can either visit your nearest salon for a hot-oil treatment or you can do it at the comforts of your home by simply purchasing Lightness hot oil pouches. Our hot oil pouches are available in 4 superb variants – Coconut, Milk, Argan Oil, and Pomegranate. Once you start using Lightness hot oil pouches, there will be no going back. Apart from hot oil pouches, we sell other hair products – hair styling products, hair therapy products, and keratin treatment products. Shop now! 

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