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Love Your Hair? If Yes, Don’t Eat These Foods!

A nutritious diet is pivotal for healthy and long hair. If you eat healthy, your hair will thank you and if you eat the following mentioned food items, your hair will become sad. So, let’s take a look at foods that you must avoid eating if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful. 

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Junk Food

Hair Care

Junk food is not only bad for your body but also your hair. You get no nutrition when you eat junk food and upon that, fast food items are oily and fatty – definitely not a good choice for your hair. Avoid eating junk food, like pizza, burgers, french fries, and so on. If you can’t avoid them completely at least try to limit the consumption. 


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As we know, sweets increase your blood sugar levels, when that happens your body releases androgen (male hormone) that can cause severe hair loss in women. So, strictly avoid anything that contains sugar. 

High-Mercury Fish 

High Mercury Fish

Eating fish is really good for your hair but some fishes are not worth paying attention to if you want your hair to stay healthy. You have to avoid fishes with high-mercury levels, for example – tuna, swordfish, and king mackerel. It is because the consumption of these fishes can cause hair loss that can even lead to the thinning of hair.  


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Alcohol does not allow your body to absorb zinc, a vital mineral for healthy hair. That’s why when you drink alcohol your hair becomes more dry and brittle. Either stop or limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to one-two glasses twice a month. 

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