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Suffering From Excessive Hairfall? Read Lightness’ Guide 

Hairfall is something as common as drinking water. On an average, we lose 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. If the number goes beyond 100 then it’s a matter of concern. 

Lightness has been selling hair styling products and hair therapy products to men and women in Philippines since years. The most common concern we have observed among Filipino people is hair loss. If you’re one of those in Philippines dealing with excessive hair fall then our guide is something you must read. 

What are the causes of unrestrained hairfall?

The major reasons for abnormal hairfall are as follows:
• Poor diet (a diet lacking in protein and essential vitamins)
• Serious medical condition
• Stress
• Overuse of hair styling products
• Changes in hormones
• Scalp Infection
• Being rough with hair
• Side effects of certain medications
• Genetic makeup

What can you do to stop losing hair?

First of all, you need to find the root cause behind excessive hairfall. If the cause is due to any medical condition or treatment, then you must consult your doctor. 
Here are some ways through which you can lessen your hairfall.

Eat A Highly Nutritious Diet

Hair Loss

Your diet determines your hair health. Include a lot of protein in your diet by consuming eggs, fish, chicken, oysters, turkey, soybeans, and so on. Eat nuts and drink milk. 

Treat Your Hair With Kindness

Hair Loss

Do not be rough with your hair, especially when it’s wet. Be gentle while combing and making hairstyles. Do not do hair-pulling hairstyles and use soft scrunchies. 

Avoid Overindulging In Chemical Hair Treatment 

Hair Loss

If you’re already losing hair, it’s definitely not a good idea to indulge in chemical hair treatment. Give your hair a break and if you need to get hair treatment, then get an organic keratin treatment and organic rebonding treatment after your hairfall has been controlled. Lightness is known as the best keratin treatment supplier in the Philippines, so always opt for Lightness keratin products

Give Your Scalp A Hot Oil Massage Twice A Week

Hair Loss

Oiling your hair twice a week is compulsory for the ones dealing with severe hair loss. You should go for hot oil massages as they penetrate deeper into your scalp. Use Lightness hot oil sachets to get healthy hair after just one application. 

Philippines Treat Your Hair With A Hair Mask Every 15 Days

Hair Loss

Apply a hair mask twice or thrice a month for desired results. You can make your own DIY hair mask by mixing one egg, 2 tbsps of coconut oil, 2 tbsps of yoghurt, oil of 2 vitamin E capsules into a bowl or you can even buy hair masks from the best hair mask supplier in the Philippines, Lightness. Our hair masks are super affordable and excellent for your hair. 

Consult a trichologist if your hairfall sees no improvement in spite of following the above-mentioned ways. 

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