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5 Tips To Protect Your Hair And Colour After Colouring Your Hair

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It’s not just colouring your hair that requires a lot of work but maintaining the colour in your hair requires a lot of effort too. Protecting your hair and the colour as long as possible is the only thing you would want after colouring your hair. Of course, it depends on the quality of the hair colour you are using on your hair. This is why always buy the best kind of hair colour from your hair colour manufacturer. Other than that how you take care of your hair is also important. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your hair after colouring it.

Don’t Wash Hair Frequently

After you have added fresh colour to hair, washing your hair is not recommended. At first, you need to wait at least 48 hours before you shampoo your hair. Even after that, shampoo your hair only once or twice a week. The lesser you will shampoo your hair, the more easily you will able to preserve your hair colour.

Add A Pre-Shampoo Treatment

One of the reasons some people are hesitant to colour their hair is due to the fear that colouring will damage their hair. This can be prevented with the help of pre-shampoo treatment. Also, once you start applying shampoo to your hair, you need to take several steps before and after it. Before shampooing, add a pre-shampoo treatment in your hair. It helps in correcting and revitalizing damaged hair. You should leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it before shampoo.

Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

Which shampoo you are using and what ingredients it has should be checked thoroughly. Choose the right kind of shampoo that will protect your hair and your colour. This helps the colour look fresh on your hair. It also helps maintain the health of your hair.

Use A Deep Conditioner

After shampoo, using a deep conditioner is equally important for your hair. Your hair mask or conditioner should have ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, etc. in order to smoothen the hair. Protecting the moisture in your hair is very important to prevent hair damage.

Limit Your Use Of Styling Tools

Too much usage of heating devices or styling tools is the reasons why we end up damaging our own hair. Devices like blow dryers, straightening irons, curling wands, etc. use a lot of heat and absorbs the moisture from our hair. This can lead to the loss of the colour of your hair. So, use these devices as minimum as possible.

Try to follow these tips after you have coloured your hair. If you are unable to find a good hair colour, you can come to Lightness, a hair colour manufacturer in the Philippines.

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