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4 Brushes And Combs You Should Always Keep With Your Hair Products

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Brushing and combing your hair every day is very important. There are several benefits to doing it regularly. Tangled hair and hair fall is a big problem for most people. Brushing and combing help prevent that. Some tend to ignore either combing or brushing. But you should know that both of them have their own benefits. While combing stimulates the scalp which in turn increases the blood flow, brushing your hair helps to exfoliate the scalp which in turn keeps the pores unclogged and removes dead cells. So, you should have both of them in your stock. But, there are several types of combs and brushes available. You need to know which type of brush and combs you should use. Read on to find out which ones you should buy from your hair products supplier

The Wide-Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb should be the very first type of comb that you need to use. You can use it even while conditioning your hair as it helps distribute the conditioner evenly throughout your hair. The best part is that it is suitable for any type of hair, especially curly hair. Detangling your hair, curly or straight, this comb should always be your choice to prevent hair fall while detangling. 

Large Round Barrel Brush

This brush is used by those who need to use the hairdryer. Whether to dry your hair or to set your hair, the large round barrel brush makes your job easy. It takes care of frizzy hair and gives volume to your hair. This brush is also suitable for all hair types. Styling your hair whether to straighten it or to create subtle waves, barrel brush can do it all. 

Paddle Brush

Another brush for you to use is paddle brush. It is basically a flat, rectangular-faced brush with soft bristles. This type of brush is mainly used for straightening your hair. You can either use it while using a straightener or if you are drying your hair, run it through the strands. This will give sleek long hair.  

Fine Tooth Comb With Sharp Tail

While brushes have various shapes and sizes, so does combs. Another most used comb is the fine-tooth comb with a sharp tail. This comb is for those who have long hairs and likes to braid or do complicated hairdos. The sharp tip makes it easy to section your hair. Also if you have long hair but not enough volume, you can use this comb to backcomb your hair and create volume. 

So, always keep these four brushes and combs with your hair products. Remember to buy only the best quality hair products from your supplier in the Philippines

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