Love Your Hair? If Yes, Don’t Eat These Foods!

A nutritious diet is pivotal for healthy and long hair. If you eat healthy, your hair will thank you and if you eat the following mentioned food items, your hair will become sad. So, let’s take a look at foods that you must avoid eating if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful. 

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Junk Food

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Junk food is not only bad for your body but also your hair. You get no nutrition when you eat junk food and upon that, fast food items are oily and fatty – definitely not a good choice for your hair. Avoid eating junk food, like pizza, burgers, french fries, and so on. If you can’t avoid them completely at least try to limit the consumption. 


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As we know, sweets increase your blood sugar levels, when that happens your body releases androgen (male hormone) that can cause severe hair loss in women. So, strictly avoid anything that contains sugar. 

High-Mercury Fish 

High Mercury Fish

Eating fish is really good for your hair but some fishes are not worth paying attention to if you want your hair to stay healthy. You have to avoid fishes with high-mercury levels, for example – tuna, swordfish, and king mackerel. It is because the consumption of these fishes can cause hair loss that can even lead to the thinning of hair.  


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Alcohol does not allow your body to absorb zinc, a vital mineral for healthy hair. That’s why when you drink alcohol your hair becomes more dry and brittle. Either stop or limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to one-two glasses twice a month. 

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Lightness Hair Guide: 5 Best Tips For Oily Hair

Oily and greasy hair can be difficult to handle especially in the era of pollution. When your scalp produces excessive natural oil, it becomes difficult for you to manage and make any hairstyles. That’s when Lightness Hair Styling Products come into your rescue! Since oily hair is such a big problem among men and women in the Philippines, we thought of helping our lovely people out there with these 5 best tips for oily hair. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Tip 1 – Use A Clarifying Shampoo

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People with oily hair should steer clear of moisturizing and oily shampoos and choose clarifying or gel-based ones instead. If you have oily and greasy hair, wash your hair thrice a week and you might use a good dry shampoo in between if needed.  

Tip 2 – Use A Lightweight Hair Conditioner

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The ideal hair conditioner for oily hair is something that is lightweight and perfectly balances the pH level of the scalp. Strictly avoid conditioners infused with oils. 

Tip 3 – Do Not Overbrush

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We brush our hair to distribute the scalp’s natural oil onto the rest of the hair. But when you overbrush your already greasy scalp, you give rise to more oil production, thus making your hair look flat and boring. Just, don’t do that.

Tip 4 – Stop Touching Your Hair 

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Touching your hair unnecessarily for no apparent reason not only annoys the onlooker but can also make your oily hair condition worse. Moreover, it is not a good idea to transfer the dirt and oil of your hands to your precious mane. 

Tip 5 – Avoid Product Buildup

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Use hair styling products – hair wax, hair mousse, dry shampoo, hair spray, and so on judiciously. Use organic hair styling products from Lightness, the best hair styling products and hair therapy products supplier in the Philippines.

Hope this guide by Lightness helps you. See you next time! 

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Lightness Keratin Hot Oil Pouches

Lightness Keratin Hot Oil Pouches

Our hot oil pouches sell like hot cakes! Lightness keratin hot oil pouches make your hair healthy and soft just after one application. They are travel-friendly and your hair’s best friend.

Choose your favourite variant: Argan Oil, Milk Keratin, Pomegranate Keratin, and Coconut Keratin. 

Lightness Keratin Hair Mask

Lightness Keratin Hair Mask

Lightness Keratin Hair Mask is the ultimate treat for your hair.

Choose your favourite variant:
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Lightness Hair Color 2N1

Lightness Hair Color 2N1

Try Lightness Hair Color – Blonde and Burgundy for 100% grey coverage, smooth, long-lasting, and vibrant hair colour. 

Lightness Strong Hold Mousse

Lightness Strong Hold Mousse

Hair mousse is a popular hair styling product in the Philippines. Our Lightness Strong Hold Mousse gives volume and beautiful curls without adding any crunch.

Lightness Hair Serum

Lightness Hair Serum

Hair serums have become a necessity hair product these days. Lightness Hair Serum is the best because it’s organic and infused with healthy oils to give your hair the love it deserves. Our hair serum comes with a pump so that there’s no wastage or accidental spilling of the product. 

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Is A Hot Oil Treatment Worth Your Attention And Time?

Greetings to all lovely women living in the Philippines! Haircare has always been of supreme importance among Filipino women. Women in Philippines are popular for their glossy and soft black hair. Filipino women pay a good amount of attention to their lustrous mane by giving them nutrition and the right style. Right styling requires right hair styling products which you can easily get from Lightness! 

Hot oil treatment has always fascinated several women in the Philippines. Nowadays, everyone is busy and we want more benefits with little efforts. Previously, we used to oil our hair and keep it overnight just to be washed another day but with the onset of hot oil treatment, you no longer need to do so as a hot oil gives you all its benefits in just 20-30 minutes of application because it penetrates deeper into your hair roots, giving you gorgeous and envious hair after wash. With a hot oil treatment, you save your time and money because you do not need to use a lot of product and since you wash it off just after thirty minutes you require less shampoo than ever. 

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what happens when you do a hot oil treatment.

Deep Moisturization


Hot oil will go deeper into your hair roots and shafts so that your hair gets the ultimate nourishment and becomes soft as silk. 

Healthy And Thick Hair


Hot oils have hair-friendly ingredients, like almond, coconut, olive, jojoba, and hibiscus. Do you know all these mentioned ingredients make your lovely hair thick and healthy! 

Almost No Split Ends


Split ends happen to almost all women. Some have few while others have a lot. One most common reason for split ends is inadequate nutrition. Give your hair the nutrition it needs by opting for hot oil treatment. 

Long Hair 


When your hair is healthy and moisturized, then it surely becomes long in a span of time! 

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Lightness Hair Wax – Best Hair Styling Product For Pinoy Men

When it comes to making cool hairstyles with various hair styling products, men in Philippines are no way behind Pinoy women. Filipino men take their hair seriously and love to style it the smart way! The most commonly used hair styling product by men in Philippines is a hair wax. 

As evident from the name, hair wax contains wax that helps in holding your hair for longer hours. With a good hair wax, you can style your hair the way you desire without worrying about flyaways. Since we are talking about good hair wax, how can we not mention Lightness Hair Wax, the much-loved hair styling product available in Philippines

Dear men, all you need is Lightness Hair Wax to get that sexy look! So, what makes Lightness Hair Wax so special? Lightness Hair Wax is super affordable and with its strong setting power and pliability can hold almost any hairdo for hours and hours. The best thing about our Lightness Hair Wax is that you only need a coin-sized or pea-sized amount (depending upon the texture of your hair) and voila, you’re done! 

Be it a funky hairstyle or killer spikes, Lightness Hair Wax will hold that for you! Now the question arises, what’s the best way to use Lightness Hair Wax? Take a small-sized amount of our special hair wax, warm the product with your hands by rubbing, coat your hair with the product, style as you desire! Repeat the same if needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hair Wax 

Q.1 Is hair wax bad for your hair?
A: No, not when you use an organic one (Lightness Hair Wax ) with the right ingredients. Avoid using too much hair wax because it might lead to product build-up which will be of course difficult to wash off, causing dandruff. 

Q.2 Can I apply hair wax on wet hair?
A: Hair waxes work best when applied on dry or slightly damp hair. 

Q.3 What to do if the hair wax accidentally goes inside my eyes?
A: Immediately wash your eyes thoroughly with cold water. 

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How to Grow Hair Faster And Healthier: Things to Do For Men

Healthy hair is not only a woman’s desire but also loved by men. Similarly, men also suffer from hair problems just like women do. Hair fall and balding are the two most common hair problems in the case of men. Well, the good news is that there are many ways to grow hair faster if followed on an everyday basis, says the most renowned hair styling products supplier in the Philippines. Certain lifestyle changes can keep your hair healthy by preventing hair loss and growing new hair faster. Let us find out.

Less Shampoo, More Conditioner

Hair Growth - Lightness

Do not wash your hair every day using a shampoo. Wash it with water and shampoo twice a week. Always apply a mild conditioner after shampooing as it will help to keep the hair moisturized and make it smooth and shinier. A good hot oil massage on the scalp regularly is a good remedy to reduce hair fall and boost hair growth.

Balanced Diet

Hair Growth - Lightness

Eating a balanced diet is very important to keep your body as well as hair healthy. A balanced diet provides the body with all the hair-boosting vitamins such as proteins, vitamins, biotin, and folic acid. Do include foods that are rich in the above to boost hair health and growth. Drinking an adequate amount of water is also necessary for effective hair growth.

Don’t Worry And Sleep Well

Hair Growth - Lightness

Avoid stress and do not torture your brain. Excessive stress leads to several health ailments including hair loss. So, find out ways to be happy and lead a stress-free lifestyle. Once you start living a peaceful life, your quality of sleep will automatically improve. About seven to eight hours of sleep is essential to keep your body active. Good quality sleep increases blood circulation around the hair follicles.

Go For Regular Trims

Hair Growth - Lightness

Trimming hair regularly leads to longer and healthier hair. It doesn’t let the split ends grow and promotes hair growth faster and prevents hair breakage at the same time. It is one of the best ways to guard your locks.

Good Hair Care Products

Hair Growth - Lightness

Nowadays, men are very spending a lot on different hair care and styling products. Hairstyling is not only restricted to women men are leading in the fashion world today. So, always invest in good hair styling products such as serums, oils, conditioners, etc. Lightness is one such hair styling products supplier in the Philippines, which can promote hair growth.

So, get ready to flaunt healthy and long hair.

Simple Hair Care Tips For The Rainy Season In The Philippines

With the onset of the rainy season in the Philippines, we understand that many of you must be concerned about how to take care of your hair. The rainy season requires extra hair care as this season is not so favorable for hair maintenance. The most common hair problems during the rainy season include hair fall, dandruff, and itchy scalp, frizzy and dull hair. However, it is certainly possible to keep your hair healthy and beautiful by following the simple tips mentioned below.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated - Lightness

Your hair also needs hydration like your skin. So drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Apart from plain water, including fresh fruit juices, coconut water, lemonade, green tea, and vegetable soup in your daily diet.

Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

Eat A Protein-Rich Diet - Lightness

A diet rich in proteins controls hair fall as well as makes a frizzy dull hair shinier and beautiful. Therefore, include foods high in protein such as curd, spinach, soya, pulses, eggs, etc. as much as possible in your everyday meals.

Use The Right Shampoo And The Comb

Use The Right Shampoo And The Comb - Lightness

This season brings along with a lot of humidity that can result in tangled hair very often. Therefore, always use a wide teethed comb for detangling. Also do not comb and tie your hair when it is wet. The humidity also attracts a lot of dirt and dust that makes hair brittle and heavy. So wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo. Do not shy away to change your shampoos regularly as per the season.

Oil Your Scalp

Oil Your Scalp

Oiling is the best way to keep your scalp moisturized and conditioned to prevent hair loss. Try to use pure and natural oils as far as possible such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or a combination of two or three oils to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Always oil your hair the previous night and shampoo it off the next morning.

Cut Your Hair Short

Cut Your Hair Short

Rainy season is the best time to cut your hair short as it is easy to manage and less prone to breakage when wet. Layers make it easiest to comb and manage.

Use The Right Hair Styling Products

Use The Right Hair Styling Products - Lightness

Haircare and styling products have become mandatory now. Use these products smartly and intelligently as harsh chemicals may provide more harm to your hair especially during this season. Always use the hair styling products from the best hair care supplier such as Lightness.

So, enjoy the monsoon and take extra care of your hair.

Must Try Hair Color Trends For Women Of The Philippines

Hairstyles are always in and hair colors are always trending. By coloring your hair, your hair gets an instant new look. Sometimes it is refreshing too as it adds a new unnatural and unusual shade to the color that you can flaunt in style. Hair color is the perfect way to add a bright color to your look even at home. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the salons are closed and also not recommended to visit even if some of them are opened in the present scenario. Therefore, you must try the following hair color trends, as suggested by the most popular hair styling product supplier in the Philippines.

Classy Brown Or Black

Hair Color - Lightness

A super-rich brown or simply black color is all about shine and style. This shade can never go wrong and makes a perfect look for both personal and professional endeavors.

Bold Look

Hair Color - Lightness

You can get the bold look by trying out some intense shades such as purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange, etc. alone or in multiple tones. Two-toned hair does not have to be half and half. It could be done in any proportion as per your preference.

Chunky Highlights

Hair Color - Lightness

Chunky highlights works best on curly hairstyles. For example, a darker root with blond or golden highlighted roots can never go wrong and creates a more effortless look. It can create magic trust us.

Dip-dye Ends

Hair Color - Lightness

This is one of the cooler versions to add a bright color to your look without having to dye the entire head. This works best on a short hairstyle as the ends look more appropriate and add a cute and magical shape at the ends.

Rich Orchard Red

Hair Color - Lightness

Red hair color has become quite popular already as it richens the entire appearance. This rich color will look amazing on women with warmer undertones as it will warm up the skin without washing out.


Hair Color - Lightness

The two-toned hair look is really in nowadays. It is quite adventurous to try this look out on your hair to stand out in the crowd and make a statement. This hair color look gives a lot of dimension and edge.

Beyond Blonde

Hair Color - Lightness

Go beyond blonde and try out neutral shades of grey, beige, pale vanilla, and similar. The shade draws attention to cheekbones and jawlines. Someone who has a sharp jawline or a cheekbone, do not shy away to try this variation.

In the meantime, do not forget to check the different shades available at the most popular hair color and oxidizer supplier in the Philippines.

Hair Rebonding For Pregnant Woman: Is It Recommended?

We have already discussed doing hair rebonding conveniently and safely at home. However, the question remains whether hair bonding is safe to do during pregnancy or not? Let us find out from the most popular brand of hair styling products in the Philippines.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman during which she takes extra care of herself leaving no stone unturned with regards to her health and overall personality. Hair is certainly the most prized possession of every woman and therefore proper hair care equally important while being pregnant. Hair rebonding is one of the most popular methods of converting dull frizzy hair into silkier, shinier, and a beautiful one. However, during pregnancy, it is not advisable to try much with the hair, especially, a chemical treatment. Well, there is no proven evidence that rebonding hair is safe or unsafe for you and a growing baby. The fact remains that most mums-to-be prefer to stay away from any chemical-based hair treatment during pregnancy, at least till the second trimester. Due to the hormonal changes in the body, hair already stars behaving differently, and therefore trying something new at this time might be not as fruitful as you can think it would be. The hair rebonding treatment may not hold for long or well during pregnancy.

Alternatively, here are some ways to give a new look to your hair while being pregnant. You can cut your hair short, in case, you have long hair to give make it easier to maintain as well as a new look altogether. Another way is simply to highlight or streak the hair strands using the best hair color from Lightness that can be easily bought online. You can also get a new look by getting it trimmed in different styles during the three trimesters from a reputed salon that has expert hair artists and uses clean and sterilized tools.

This does not mean that you cannot do rebonding at all. After the delivery, you can consult your gynecologist and get it done as per his/her suggestions. Always use high-quality hair rebonding products from Lightness in the Philippines whenever you are giving it a thought. Therefore, it won’t be the wrong t say that postponing a rebonded hair is highly recommended for the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

Color-Treated Hair: Most Important Things To Be Taken Into Consideration

Are you in love with your new hair color, but also worried about how to make it last longer and healthy? Here is some simple tips and tricks from the most popular hair color and oxidizer supplier in the Philippines.

Wait For The Shower

Hair Color

Do not head straight to the shower and wait for at least 24 hours before shampooing as this allows the dye to settle into the hair. Simply, wash with cool water if you just cannot wait and avoid shampooing and conditioning.

Get Sulfate-Free Shampoos And Conditioners

Hair Color

Sulfate is a harsh cleaning agent that causes hair to turn dry and brittle. It also fades the color of the hair quickly. Switch to sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to make the color stay longer and look your hair healthy and shiny.

Go For Regular Trims

Hair Color

After any kind of hair processing, trimming the hair works well. Trimming off the split ends prevents any further damage. A periodic trimming also enhances the overall beauty of the face.

Switch To Right Hair Care Products

Hair Color

A colored hair requires special and some extra care to ensure that the color lasts longer and the hair stays healthy. Color protecting shampoos and conditioners are the first thing to switch to after the hair color treatment. Sulfate-free shampoos work well as they do not strip away the natural oils from the hair. Look for a good hair care wholesale supplier such as Lightness.

Stay Away From Hot Tools And Heat-Protecting Products

Hair Color

Avoid using any hair products such as blow dryers, irons, etc. as it will destroy the color of the hair easily. Let the hair dry out naturally. Avoid using warm or hot water while washing the hair.

Start Using Hair Masks

Hair Color

Simply shampooing and conditioning is not enough to treat colored hair, hair masks play a very important role in protecting it against the color fade. Try Lightness hair mask that penetrates the hair strength strand by strand making it shinier and healthy.

Be Careful When Outdoors

Hair Color

Whenever you are outdoors, try to cover the head with a cover be it hat or cap as UV rays are the enemy of color-treated hair. Similarly, do not swim in pools with chlorine as it will fade the color. Otherwise, use a leave-in conditioner that may reduce the fading.

Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

Hair Color

Hair is made up of proteins and therefore it is important to follow a diet that is rich in protein on an everyday basis. So include lots of proteins such as soya, low-fat cheese, chicken, fish, almonds, etc. in your diet.

Take care of your color-treated hair with love and affection and flaunt it in style.