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Hair Rebonding For Pregnant Woman: Is It Recommended?

We have already discussed doing hair rebonding conveniently and safely at home. However, the question remains whether hair bonding is safe to do during pregnancy or not? Let us find out from the most popular brand of hair styling products in the Philippines.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman during which she takes extra care of herself leaving no stone unturned with regards to her health and overall personality. Hair is certainly the most prized possession of every woman and therefore proper hair care equally important while being pregnant. Hair rebonding is one of the most popular methods of converting dull frizzy hair into silkier, shinier, and a beautiful one. However, during pregnancy, it is not advisable to try much with the hair, especially, a chemical treatment. Well, there is no proven evidence that rebonding hair is safe or unsafe for you and a growing baby. The fact remains that most mums-to-be prefer to stay away from any chemical-based hair treatment during pregnancy, at least till the second trimester. Due to the hormonal changes in the body, hair already stars behaving differently, and therefore trying something new at this time might be not as fruitful as you can think it would be. The hair rebonding treatment may not hold for long or well during pregnancy.

Alternatively, here are some ways to give a new look to your hair while being pregnant. You can cut your hair short, in case, you have long hair to give make it easier to maintain as well as a new look altogether. Another way is simply to highlight or streak the hair strands using the best hair color from Lightness that can be easily bought online. You can also get a new look by getting it trimmed in different styles during the three trimesters from a reputed salon that has expert hair artists and uses clean and sterilized tools.

This does not mean that you cannot do rebonding at all. After the delivery, you can consult your gynecologist and get it done as per his/her suggestions. Always use high-quality hair rebonding products from Lightness in the Philippines whenever you are giving it a thought. Therefore, it won’t be the wrong t say that postponing a rebonded hair is highly recommended for the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

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