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Simple Hair Care Tips For The Rainy Season In The Philippines

With the onset of the rainy season in the Philippines, we understand that many of you must be concerned about how to take care of your hair. The rainy season requires extra hair care as this season is not so favorable for hair maintenance. The most common hair problems during the rainy season include hair fall, dandruff, and itchy scalp, frizzy and dull hair. However, it is certainly possible to keep your hair healthy and beautiful by following the simple tips mentioned below.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated - Lightness

Your hair also needs hydration like your skin. So drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Apart from plain water, including fresh fruit juices, coconut water, lemonade, green tea, and vegetable soup in your daily diet.

Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

Eat A Protein-Rich Diet - Lightness

A diet rich in proteins controls hair fall as well as makes a frizzy dull hair shinier and beautiful. Therefore, include foods high in protein such as curd, spinach, soya, pulses, eggs, etc. as much as possible in your everyday meals.

Use The Right Shampoo And The Comb

Use The Right Shampoo And The Comb - Lightness

This season brings along with a lot of humidity that can result in tangled hair very often. Therefore, always use a wide teethed comb for detangling. Also do not comb and tie your hair when it is wet. The humidity also attracts a lot of dirt and dust that makes hair brittle and heavy. So wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo. Do not shy away to change your shampoos regularly as per the season.

Oil Your Scalp

Oil Your Scalp

Oiling is the best way to keep your scalp moisturized and conditioned to prevent hair loss. Try to use pure and natural oils as far as possible such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or a combination of two or three oils to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Always oil your hair the previous night and shampoo it off the next morning.

Cut Your Hair Short

Cut Your Hair Short

Rainy season is the best time to cut your hair short as it is easy to manage and less prone to breakage when wet. Layers make it easiest to comb and manage.

Use The Right Hair Styling Products

Use The Right Hair Styling Products - Lightness

Haircare and styling products have become mandatory now. Use these products smartly and intelligently as harsh chemicals may provide more harm to your hair especially during this season. Always use the hair styling products from the best hair care supplier such as Lightness.

So, enjoy the monsoon and take extra care of your hair.

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