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This Monsoon Color Your Hair With These Trendy Colors

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“Life is too short to have boring hair”-Anonymous

If you like experimenting with your hair, then you will love to try different trendy hair colors. Monsoon is a season where you won’t be sweating all the time and thus, the less you wear, the better. So, in monsoon, you can get trendy and wear fashionable clothes. With fashionable clothes comes accessories and your hair. The more trendy clothes you wear, the more trendy your hair can be. If you think that coloring your hair is too much work, then think again. You can easily buy these from your hair dye online supplier and apply it at home. In this blog, we are giving you some options on some trendy hair colors for you to highlight your appearance.

Rose Gold

This is the current ‘It’ color for everyone, especially Hollywood. If you would like to have a color between a delicate pink and a chewing gum pink, you can try this shade. You may also highlight your natural hair color by simply obtaining highlights or have your ends colored with this attractive shade that suits lighter skin tones well. Either way, always remember to take care of your hair in the proper way after coloring it.


If you are not afraid to make a bold fashion statement, then go with blackberry. It has some purple tones along with black and blue. But this color will look lively and suit you, but only if your hair is of the darker shade. It is also necessary that both the colors should be distinctive enough on your hair. When you are using the purple tone, it needs to be light enough to be recognized as purple. If you are applying blue, it needs to be distinctive enough from purple.

Antique Gold

Let’s be honest, gold or blond has become a bit old and boring. Antique gold is a lot like the color of champagne with a bit of more warmth. If you have a lighter skin tone, it will give you a softer look. One downside is, taking care of this color takes a bit of work. As the color is of a very lighter shade, it can fade away easily.

Living Coral

It essentially gives you a light orange tint to your hair. On blond and light-brown hair it becomes a light peach shade but in darker hair, it can turn into a color which is more on the pink side. Either way, it is a lovely color for you to try.

So, buy different shades of color from your hair dye online supplier and try it at home.

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