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Know The Difference Between Hair Spray And Hair Mousse

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Different occasions, call for a different type of hair setting and style. You might get confused about what to buy from your hair treatment supplier, especially if you are a beginner. Today we are here to tell you the difference between hair spray and mousse and which occasion suits which product the best.

Strong Hold Mousse

If you have a formal party, namely office parties to go to, Mousse would be the perfect choice for you. This will keep your hair in one place exactly the same way you want it to be that too for a long time. This basically coats the hair fiber and give your hair more substance. It also allows you to add maximum volume to your roots.

Furthermore, if you have curls and would love to highlight them, mousse would make them more structured. But if your hair is curly or wavy, it’s not that necessary to put a lot of products in your hair. This can make your hair heavy and lumpy. Make sure to apply it while your hair is damp. Take a very small amount of mousse in your hand, apply it from midway to the tips. Make sure not to scrunch your hair too much. Apply it to your roots to keep your hair up if you want to make your hair look more voluminous.

For those who have straight hairs and want to curl and set them, you can blow dry your hair, work the mousse in with a comb just before using your heating device to curl it. If you apply it using your hand and then use your comb, it will guarantee that the product is evenly spread and gives maximum depth. Using the stronghold mousse from Lightness in such a case will be good for you.

Lightness Hair Spray

On the other hand, hair spray has a more temporary and less structural effect on hair. It is mainly used for fixing your hair to the desired position, such as in waves or a side-sweep style. It is mainly applied when you have finished styling your hair in whatever way you want to and then give the finishing touch. Although it is not harmful to use hair spray every day, but too much of anything can’t be always good. Even if you want to use it every day, then it is also better to wash and brush your hair regularly.

This way you will be able to get rid of any residue from your hair so that the chemicals don’t permanently harm your hair. You can use Lightness hair spray for the best usage. Spray it on around 20 centimeters away from your head to get the maximum effect. Its texture is very fine, like a mist and is easily deposited on the hair fiber.

Both hair spray and mousse has their own effect and works in different ways. So before you buy them from your hair treatment supplier, it is best to know what kind of hairstyle you desire.

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