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Know The Difference Between Hair Spray And Hair Mousse

Different occasions, call for a different type of hair setting and style. You might get confused about what to buy from your hair treatment supplier, especially if you are a beginner. Today we are here to tell you the difference between hair spray and mousse and which occasion suits which product the best.

Strong Hold Mousse

If you have a formal party, namely office parties to go to, Mousse would be the perfect choice for you. This will keep your hair in one place exactly the same way you want it to be that too for a long time. This basically coats the hair fiber and give your hair more substance. It also allows you to add maximum volume to your roots.

Furthermore, if you have curls and would love to highlight them, mousse would make them more structured. But if your hair is curly or wavy, it’s not that necessary to put a lot of products in your hair. This can make your hair heavy and lumpy. Make sure to apply it while your hair is damp. Take a very small amount of mousse in your hand, apply it from midway to the tips. Make sure not to scrunch your hair too much. Apply it to your roots to keep your hair up if you want to make your hair look more voluminous.

For those who have straight hairs and want to curl and set them, you can blow dry your hair, work the mousse in with a comb just before using your heating device to curl it. If you apply it using your hand and then use your comb, it will guarantee that the product is evenly spread and gives maximum depth. Using the stronghold mousse from Lightness in such a case will be good for you.

Lightness Hair Spray

On the other hand, hair spray has a more temporary and less structural effect on hair. It is mainly used for fixing your hair to the desired position, such as in waves or a side-sweep style. It is mainly applied when you have finished styling your hair in whatever way you want to and then give the finishing touch. Although it is not harmful to use hair spray every day, but too much of anything can’t be always good. Even if you want to use it every day, then it is also better to wash and brush your hair regularly.

This way you will be able to get rid of any residue from your hair so that the chemicals don’t permanently harm your hair. You can use Lightness hair spray for the best usage. Spray it on around 20 centimeters away from your head to get the maximum effect. Its texture is very fine, like a mist and is easily deposited on the hair fiber.

Both hair spray and mousse has their own effect and works in different ways. So before you buy them from your hair treatment supplier, it is best to know what kind of hairstyle you desire.

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This Monsoon Color Your Hair With These Trendy Colors

“Life is too short to have boring hair”-Anonymous

If you like experimenting with your hair, then you will love to try different trendy hair colors. Monsoon is a season where you won’t be sweating all the time and thus, the less you wear, the better. So, in monsoon, you can get trendy and wear fashionable clothes. With fashionable clothes comes accessories and your hair. The more trendy clothes you wear, the more trendy your hair can be. If you think that coloring your hair is too much work, then think again. You can easily buy these from your hair dye online supplier and apply it at home. In this blog, we are giving you some options on some trendy hair colors for you to highlight your appearance.

Rose Gold

This is the current ‘It’ color for everyone, especially Hollywood. If you would like to have a color between a delicate pink and a chewing gum pink, you can try this shade. You may also highlight your natural hair color by simply obtaining highlights or have your ends colored with this attractive shade that suits lighter skin tones well. Either way, always remember to take care of your hair in the proper way after coloring it.


If you are not afraid to make a bold fashion statement, then go with blackberry. It has some purple tones along with black and blue. But this color will look lively and suit you, but only if your hair is of the darker shade. It is also necessary that both the colors should be distinctive enough on your hair. When you are using the purple tone, it needs to be light enough to be recognized as purple. If you are applying blue, it needs to be distinctive enough from purple.

Antique Gold

Let’s be honest, gold or blond has become a bit old and boring. Antique gold is a lot like the color of champagne with a bit of more warmth. If you have a lighter skin tone, it will give you a softer look. One downside is, taking care of this color takes a bit of work. As the color is of a very lighter shade, it can fade away easily.

Living Coral

It essentially gives you a light orange tint to your hair. On blond and light-brown hair it becomes a light peach shade but in darker hair, it can turn into a color which is more on the pink side. Either way, it is a lovely color for you to try.

So, buy different shades of color from your hair dye online supplier and try it at home.

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Hair Rebonding Products: A Way To Give Your Hairs A New Look

Straight hair has become a huge trend now, all over the world. Those who have wavy or curly hair, straighten their hair using heat equipments as it gives a more length to the hair. Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment where it straightens your hair permanently. At Lightness, we are providing different types of hair rebonding products, which will not only straighten your hair but will also make it sleek and shiny.


There are several benefits of hair rebonding. The main advantage of hair rebonding is that it gives lasting outcomes. In contrast to other treatments, rebonding your hair can make it straight, almost permanently. Regardless of whether your hair is normally straight, or wavy, it is ensured that you will have straight and soft hair after treatment. Another advantage of this treatment is the improvement of your hair’s manageability. It is easier to tame your hair and keep it in whichever style you want.

How To Apply


Hair Rebonding products use two synthetic compounds specifically cream relaxant and neutralizer. Before treatment, hair is washed properly with shampoo. Then the following procedure is followed.

  • The hair is brushed and partitioned into a few segments depending on its volume. Then, the cream relaxant is first applied to each area of the hair independently while keeping it held straight and is set aside while it breaks the normal pattern of the hair.

  • Plastic sheets are used to ensure that the cream is set on each strand of the hair. For wavy hair, leave it for 30 minutes and for deep curly hair leave it for an hour.
  • After this, steam the hair for 30-40 minutes depending on the condition of your hair. Then give it a thorough wash and blow-dry.
  • Next, apply a Keratin cream to smooth any tangles that might be left. When the hair is agreeably straight, separate it once more.
  • Then apply the neutralizer which re-structures and balances out the bonds to get rid of the frizziness
  • The neutralizer is to be left on the hair for an additional 30 minutes and afterward wash and blow-dry one last time.
  • You can use a hair serum at the end and then use a straightener. Don’t wash your hair for at least 3 days after that.


Some precautions are needed to be taken after this treatment.

  • Oil your hair once a week to provide nourishment to your hair.

  • Steam your hair once in a while or wrap a warm towel for conditioning.
  • Apply serum after towel drying your hair after you shampoo.
  • Always use conditioner after shampoo.
  • Do not tie your hair immediately after the treatment.

Products By Lightness

There are several kinds of hair rebonding products that are offered by Lightness. Depending on your type of hair, you can buy Argan oil rebonding, Coconut rebonding, Papaya rebonding, Milk rebonding, Acai Berry rebonding.

When choosing whether to rebond your hair, you should think about the sort of hair rebond you want. Hair rebonding products should make your hair feel and look beautiful and new.

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Use Hair Treatment Products To Protect Your Hairs From Damage

The ever increasing pollution, busy schedule, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy foods are some of the reasons for hair damage. Our busy lifestyle prevents us from taking care of our hair regularly. This is where hair treatment products come in handy. We, at Lightness, a leading Hair treatment supplier in the Philippines are providing such hair treatment products. If you are unable to go to a salon to have a hair spa, these products can help you achieve the same.

Hair Mask

At Lightness, we provide four different kinds of hair masks. They are coconut hair mask, milk keratin hair mask, wheat hair mask, and walnut keratin hair mask. Hair masks are made of oil, butter, and other nourishing ingredients. You should choose your hair mask depending on both, the type of hair you have and how much damaged your hair is. If your hair has become dry and frizzy, you can use a coconut hair mask. All you need to do is shampoo your hair first. Then after washing them apply hair mask all over your hair, especially the tips. Keep it for five minutes and then wash off. This will nourish, soften, and repair the damage of your hair.

Lightness Hot Oil

Hot Oil Lightness

If your hair has become severely damaged, dry, brittle, frizzy, color-treated, or prone to split-ends, a hot oil massage can prove to be very beneficial. It will moisturize your hair, reduce frizziness, lessen split ends, and increase the hair strength. You must wash your hair before you apply the hot oil. It tends to work better on washed hair. After washing, massage your hair with hot oil thoroughly from scalp to the tips of the hair.

Lightness Keratin Hair Therapy

Keratin is a type of protein which is present is hair, skin, and nails. When your hair gets damaged amount of keratin decreases in your hair. So, if you use keratin products it can strengthen your hair and improve its quality as well. Applying the keratin hair therapy on your hair can moisturize your hair. Apply this on your hair layer by layer, so that it covers the whole scalp. After applying massage your scalp for a while and then wash it off. It would also work better if you would shampoo your hair prior to its application.

It is not always possible to spend 2-3 hours to nourish your hair. Buying these hair treatment products from your supplier saves your time a lot, and you can get a hair spa treatment at home.

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4 Hair Styling Products You Must Have For Your Hair

You might do a lot of things to take care of your hair. Spending an hour or two in a beauty parlor is pretty common these days. Especially if you have a function or party to go to, styling your hair is a priority. But it may not be possible every time to go to a beauty salon right before attending a function. But we at Lightness, a leading hair care products supplier in the Philippines are offering you 4 must-have hair styling products for you.

Lightness Hair spray

One of the common hair styling product is hair spray. Whether your hairs are long or short, styling your hair in different fashionable ways can be very easy with the help of hair spray. You can apply it to hold your hair in place to give it a particular style. You can also use it to form curls for your hair or tame unruly hairs. After applying hair spray it also gives more volume to your hair.

Lightness Hair color

If you are bored with your natural hair color and want to try something new, you can use hair color to style your hair. Highlighting your hair instead of changing the color of your hair fully can make a good fashion statement. Some people think that coloring can damage your hair. The Lightness hair color is a natural hair colorant that will not only not damage your hair but will also make your hair soft and shiny.

Lightness Hair Serum

It is a silicone-based product that can be used both on dry and wet hair. It gives a different shine to your hair and makes it soft, which would be a good look if you are going to a party. Apart from that, often when we are in a hurry and our hair becomes tangled it becomes frustrating. It takes a lot of time to untangle your hair and then style your hair. In such cases applying Lightness hair serum to your hair would make it easy to untangle your hair. Also, your hair will look shiny after you style it.

Lightness Hair Wax

Another popular hair styling product is hair wax. Although it shares similarities with hair spray, it does not stiffen your hair. The wax will make your hair look bouncy and tamable. It also has a conditioning effect that provides new shine and prevents damage. But don’t apply it too much, as it will make your hair look greasy.

Knowing how to use these hair styling products is also necessary, or too much of a product can damage your style and hair. So, make sure to learn their usage after you buy these Lightness products.

Hair Therapy

Quality Products From Hair Therapy Supplier In Philippines

Hair is precious. With modern-day shampoo, gel, wax and other hair products, the current generation is facing severe hair loss problems. This is why hair therapy supplier in Philippines are in huge demand these days. With the help of hair therapy, people are not only able to strengthen their existing hair, but are also able to regain some part of their lost hair (depends from user to user). Here are some of the products that are in good demand for locals in Philippines.

Hair Serum:

One of the most commonly used hair therapies is hair serum. This product helps in recovery of damaged hair. After few uses, the user can feel that the hair is shinier and healthy. The serum has organic ingredients that boosts hair quality naturally and nourishes it with required vitamins.


With time, keratin has come as a savior for people who color their hair regularly within poor quality hair color. Keratin helps in restoring the moisture in hair. After availing keratin treatment, the hair becomes moisturized and is softer than before. Nonetheless, the users first try the treatment and wait for results before applying the same for the second time. If the results are adverse, then the user must consult a dermatologist.


The process of aligning hair into straight formation from the fuzzy state is known as re-bonding. It has often been seen that after the hair is put to severe torture by use of heat blowers, freeze spray and wax, the hair becomes fuzzy and hard. Re-bonding oil helps in moisturizing the hair and brings its back to normal state. Fuzzy hair reflects dry hair that is more prone to fall off from the scalp.

Warm Coconut Oil:

Coconut is often considered as a master mantra for hair care. Irrespective of the hair problem, coconut oil serves as a remedy for almost every hair problem. Warm coconut oil massage has a wonderful effect on hair and is also said to make hair thicker.

As a hair therapy supplier in Philippines, quality should be the prime focus. If the quality is promising, the products will automatically create a market for themselves. On the other hand, if the quality is compromising then no amount of marketing can help the suppliers to gain long-term position in the market.

Get Trendy With Hair Dye Online Supplier

Hairstyle has become an integral part of the fashion industry these days. Given the fact that youth mainly depends on the fashion industry for their lifestyle, hair dye online suppliers have become a viable option for fashion lovers. These suppliers offer a wide range of hair dye that can be applied on any type of hair and gives lasting result. There are several types of hair dye that are currently available with hair dye suppliers, let’s have a look at the top three.

Natural shade hair dye:

The most common form of hair dye is of natural shade. These shades range from brown to black and are usually used by people who want a natural shade for their hair. This is also a common solution for people who don’t like white hair.

Bright and Bold hair dye:

This is most popular form of hair dye among the younger generation. With bright and bold hair dye, people can now color their hair with colors such as electric blue, punk pink, purple and even white. The application process is same as the natural die and within minutes the dye gives an interesting hair color to the users.

Highlights hair dye:

This is a popular choice among women. With highlights, one can shade only a small part of their hair (mainly the ends). The overall look gives a dual tone to the hair and is considered ideal for parties. As for the application, the user needs to apply it only on the areas where he/she wants to highlight, the remaining hair remains untouched.

Can hair dye online suppliers be trusted?

https://lightness.com.ph/about-us/There is a common perception among people that online hair dyes are not safe as they are cheaper than the products that are available in the market. However, the truth is that online hair dye is cheaper because there is no additional cost added to the product. Hair dyes are taken from the manufacturers and directly sold to the customers. Middlemen like wholesalers and retailers are not there. This reduces the overall cost of the product.

As for the quality, there is no doubt that it is the best. The product not only gives the hair a new look, but also makes it softer. Lack of chemicals make it friendly on the hair.

Online reviews are always a helping hand in determining the best hair dye online suppliers across Philippines.

Hair Care At Wholesale Prices In Philippines

Unhealthy lifestyle has not only affected our body organs, but also our hair. Research says that improper meals are resulting into lesser supply of vitamins in our body and as a result the current generation is facing hair loss in their twenties. Given this alarming situation, hair care has become essential for all generation and with hair care wholesale in Philippines, many are able to afford quality hair care products at an affordable price.

Are we talking about quality hair care products?

Yes! We are talking about quality hair care products coming directly from the house of manufacturers. Some of the most established brands across the world elevate their product’s price because they are required to cover their advertisement cost and their profit margin. On the other hand, hair care wholesale in Philippines are directly offering products from the manufacturers and costs such as advertisement and retailers profit are absent in such case. Thus, the overall price is low, but quality remains of international standard.

What products are available?

There are a wide range of products that are available at an affordable price. The range of products include hair colors, hair re-bonding oil, keratin, hair spray, coconut oil, etc. Oils are made from organic elements that offer lasting results and helps in repairing damaged hair from the very first use. On the other hand, hair color are made from ingredients that are not harsh on hair. Use of chemicals is kept at minimum level so as to ensure that the user do not face issues like rough hair and hair fall after application of hair color. The color last long and gives an even tone even after 30-40 washes.

How can I buy from hair care wholesale in Philippines

As a user, all that you need to do is, visit: https://lightness.com.ph/ and choose your product. Once the products have been added to the cart, login (register if you are a first-time user) and proceed to payment. Once the payment is made, you will be given a tracking ID to track the shipment and your product will reach your doorstep within a matter of days.
There are brands who charge 4-5 times of their actual cost of product. The targeted audience are forced to buy such products due to lack of available options. Presence of quality products at an affordable price allow customers to meet their requirement within their given budget.


Your Personal Hair Color Manufacturer In Philippines Is Here

In this era of fashion, hairstyle is a game changer. An attractive hairstyle not only changes your personality, but it also creates an impressive impression in the very first meeting. However, with the use of chemical-based sprays, gels, wax, etc., hair damage is obvious. This is why hair color is the new trend in the realm of fashion. With your personal hair color manufacturer in Philippines, you can now choose your favourite shade without being concerned about the side-effects and quality.

There is a common misconception among people that hair color results into hair-fall and some even claim that coloring their hair regularly has made them bald. In reality, one should carry a due diligence before selecting a particular brand of hair color. Quality of hair color varies from brand to brand. Not all brands offer high quality color brings the color naturally. With Lightness, users can feel the difference from the first use. Hair no longer feels rough after shampoo and moreover, the color looks rich and natural. With a wide range of available options, users are free to select their preference.

Is it important to know about hair color manufacturer in Philippines?
Of course! Before buying any product, users should first know about the manufacturers. Right knowledge results in better decisions. As a hair color manufacturer, the brand will have a market reputation built on the opinion of existing users and dealers. This information serves as a benchmark for users. There are hair color producers who share a poor reputation in the market. This can be learnt by checking the reviews of existing customers. On the other hand, there are also numerous brands who are global leaders in hair color manufacturing, such brands are trusted and usually do not harm the users.

With growing demand for vibrant colors, the youth is no longer interested in traditional colors such as dark brown, black and dark grey. Rather, they look for colors that are striking, such as electric blue, punk pink, violet, rosy red, etc. Some of the most renowned brands in Philippines offer these colors as well. But before one tries them, he/she should first do it as a sample by applying the same on a small portion. If there are no side-effects for 3-4 days, then complete application should be made.