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5 Natural Oils You Should Use According To Your Hair Type

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Oils are the source of nutrition for your hair. Natural oils are rich with nutrients which repair and strengthen the quality of your hair. These natural oils are mostly added as ingredients in all kinds of hair products. Each oil has its own properties and its effect on hair. So, it is essential that you know which oil has what kind of properties. So, that the next time you buy any hair product from your hair treatment supplier, you can check which type of oil is there in the product.

Avocado Oil

Thin, weak and brittle hair is a problem for most people. Avocado oil works like a miracle for such hair. It is lightweight and rich which has reparative and hair strengthening benefits. It is made up of fatty acids, Vitamin E, antioxidants and proteins which are all essential nutrients for good hair. If your hair is prone to too much breakage, you can check if your hair products have avocado oil.

Rose Flower Oil

Although not much used, rose flower oil is also an important oil for healthy hair. It is a natural antioxidant which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Rose flower oil is known for preventing future hair damage. It locks down the moisture of the hair with the help of fatty acids and ceramides. Restoring your dry and damaged hair becomes easy with rose flower oil.

Sweet Almond Oil

We all love shiny hair which is why we tend to spend so much time and money for making our dull hair shine. So, how much beneficial it can be if only oil can restore your dull hair? Sweet almond oil is known to do the same as it is rich with concentrated proteins and vitamins A, B, D, F. All these nutrients are known for making dull hair shine. Not only that, it also softens your hair and makes it manageable. If your hair care products have this oil, your hair will look healthy and lustrous.

Argan Oil

Another excellent ingredient to add into your hair care products is argan oil. This ingredient is best for those who have very frizzy hair. This oil is filled with deep conditioning properties that help to soften the hair. It is also sometimes used in styling agents as it helps to tame flyaways.

Coconut Oil

This is an oil that has been used by people for centuries. This is one of those ingredients that can be used for any type of problem. But for hair, it is helpful in strengthening your hair and prevents its damage. Rich with antioxidants, Vitamin K and E, iron, this oil is known for removing dandruff. A lot of hair care products uses this oil as their basic ingredient.

Based on the type of hair you have and in the way you need to repair your hair, you can choose any of these natural oils as an ingredient. Lightness, a hair care products supplier in the Philippines uses all these oils as their basic ingredients in several products.

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